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Our fantastic girl group, “The CrescenDolls”, have had quite the packed calendar these days! Here are a few pictures from some of the most recent gigs that we’ve booked!

1.) Forte Music Festival Audition: We auditioned to perform with the Forte Music Festival in Manhattan back in April. The four of us polished our rendition of “Mama Who Bore Me” and the “Mama Who Bore Me (Acapella Reprise)” from the musical ‘Spring Awakening’ and performed it for a panel of judges. Long story short, we were selected to perform at the Forte Music Festival!

2.) Forte Music Festival at Symphony Space in NYC: On May 1st we had the privilege of performing the same piece in a real NYC theatre that is literally located on Broadway! So cool! (I had to remind the ladies, “Hey, we’re literally performing on Broadway right now…”) We did a wonderful job and ended up winning the Grand Prize at the end of the day: 4 tickets to see ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ on Broadway! 

3.) Glen Rock’s 2011 Relay For Life Festival: Our lovely managers Ryan Pifher and Jenn Boles booked us a wonderful gig performing at Glen Rock’s 2011 Relay for Life Event. We had a long and wonderful set list, and we even got to sing a couple of songs with The Porch Light Theatre’s Youth Performance Troupe! I love those kids! We triumphed despite the cold and rainy weather!

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